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Lead Trusts

Support Michigan Tech now with a future return to your heirs

A charitable lead trust can be an effective way to transfer assets to children or other loved ones at a significantly reduced tax liability. The lead trust makes gift payments to the Michigan Tech Fund for a number of years. After the trust ends, the assets in the trust are either returned to you or passed on to your heirs. If the assets are to be returned to you, you receive an income tax deduction when the trust is created, but you continue to be taxed on the income earned by the trust each year. If the assets are to be distributed to your heirs, applicable estate or gift taxes on the value of the gift are reduced or even possibly eliminated.

The tax savings from a charitable lead trust may allow you to provide significant support to Michigan Tech at little or no cost to your heirs in terms of their ultimate inheritance.

Contact us for more information.

Benefits of gifts from charitable lead trusts

  • Immediate impact on the Michigan Tech program of your choice
  • No estate or gift taxes on growth of assets during term of lead trust
  • Way to transfer property to heirs with reduced estate or gift taxes