Planning for your Future

As a friend of Michigan Tech, we can offer you free tools to help you get your affairs in order prior to meeting with an attorney.


Create a Gift Plan

What plan is best for you? Explore a variety of planned gift options to meet your needs and your goals. View your own personal illustration to see the benefits of a plan for you.

Decide Your Goals
Decide Your Goals
Whether you would like to make an outright gift, donate personal items related to Michigan Tech's mission, or anything in between, the first step to creating a gift plan is deciding your personal and financial goals. We have outlined nine common goals, providing a breakdown of the options and benefits of each.
Decide Your Goals
'Wait A While' Trust
Personal Planner
Bill and Clara were talking to their attorney Susan about their family. Clara: "It may be time to start the inheritance...
Gift Planning Guide
We can help guide you through the process of giving to Michigan Tech. The Gift Planning Guide highlights important information for donors and profiles several donors who have given to the University.
View the Gift Planning Guide
Leverage Your Gift
Certain types of gifts have the potential to create a chain reaction of giving. Find out more about gifts that keep on giving, as well as those that translate to tax savings for you.
More About Leveraging Gifts
Planned Gifts Calculator
Planned Gifts Calculator
View a presentation that shows the benefits of a planned gift based on your property and goals.
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