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About Wills

Click on each topic below for a short video to help you plan for your family and loved ones with a will or living trust. If you have questions about creating a will or living trust, please contact us.

  • Planning Your Will

    Your Property—How much property do you own? Do you own enough to require a will or plan?
    Joint Tenancy—What are the dangers of holding your property in joint tenancy?
    Failing to Plan—Learn what will happen if you pass away without a will.

  • Wills Basics

    Why No Will?—Why do some people fail to make a will? Learn why.
    Asset Distribution—Discover how assets are distributed through a will.
    Wills 101—What is included in a will? Learn the basics of updating a will.

  • Trusts and Healthcare

    Trust Benefits—What is a trust? Learn the benefits of establishing a living trust.
    Wills vs. Trusts—What are some differences between a will and trust?
    Health and Attorneys—What is a healthcare directive and power of attorney?

  • Gifts to Your Family

    IRA Gifts—Learn why an IRA is not a good asset to give to children.
    Planning for Children—Help children learn about money and explain ways to diversify inheritance.
    A Right Inheritance—Learn the right timing, right amounts and property to give.